ACE Life was created in September 2014 by Managing Director Adam Corlett. The organisation was originally launched in Auckland, New Zealand after Adam had studied at the leading fitness business college in the world – Max International College for Fitness Professionals. As someone who follows his passions greatly Adam took no time at all to start his own company and commenced changing the lives of many Kiwis.

Having been now established in Formby, Liverpool since June 2015 Adam continues to show dedication, commitment and infuses confidence and self-belief into his clients who continue to succeed in the pursuit of their goals.

ACE Life’s values are directly linked with Adam’s himself; Integrity. Authenticity. Health and Fitness. Discipline. Achievement. These values are the foundations of which the company was built and will continue to drive the organisation forwards.

A Few Examples Of Adam Practicing What He Preaches

New York Marathon in 3:47


Rob Roy 72 Mile Challenge


Sky Diving in Byron Bay, Australia


Body Building Champion


Adam continues to live his ACE Life whist all the time promoting you to live yours. His, and the companies, main objective is to positively impact as many lives as possible world wide and inject people with positivity, enthusiasm and passion. And did you know….ACE actually stands for Adam Corlett Excellence!