It is a Wednesday morning at 6am, most people are in bed or their alarm is just going off – but this weeks blog isn’t about most people it is about one person.

I met this guy, who will remain nameless, months ago. His liver bird tattoo on his leg instantly made me like him! Liverpool FC was the immediate topic of conversation and we spoke about the good times, the bad times and the future of our beloved LFC.

He became a client only a few weeks ago and I had the honour of being invited to his house one evening to meet his Dad and one of his Dads friends, who both love Liverpool Football Club as much as I do. The father is a very very nice gentleman, I only met him for a couple of hours but had instant respect for him, his words and his life experience. Just days before I had found out some dreadful news about the father – he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Tough times for my client, to be dealing with this news must be so so horrible, I can only imagine. But never the less we started our training together. Fitness is so important to help fight off illness and staying healthy pays dividends.

Back to Wednesday morning….

Battle Ropes, Push Ups, Burpess, Mountain Climbers and everything else you can imagine. Sweat pouring, heavy breathing, fat melting and calories burning, this guy was on a mission and it was awesome to see! A more rugged and frowning face than usual which I presumed to be sheer determination to achieve the goals we had set together. I was about to find out that my presumption was wrong.

After our session I congratulated my client for an awesome display of determination and courage. He replied with a story which was so heart felt, so real, so true. His father had been out walking one night in the week and noticed a necklace on the floor, he proceeded to pick it up and on the necklace there were some words engraved. On closer inspection the words read “never never give up”. How incredible is that, this strong man fighting a brain tumor finds that necklace at that given point. Coincidence? I think not. As the story was being told my clients eyes began to fill up with tears, the love for his father so real. The tears left his eyes and ran down his cheeks. I felt as if a ring of fire appeared around us, the raw emotion, the true love was so apparent and it was beautiful to be part of it. I grabbed on to my client and and gave him a tight squeeze, “he’s a fighter” I whispered.

The manly macho status had been sidelined and I thanked my client for allowing me to be a part of his emotions. I can’t imagine what it must feel like and I know many of you can relate to the situation more than I can. My point being, if you want to show emotion then just show it. It is often frowned upon for men to be seen crying or being emotional, but when a family bond is so tight there is nothing more powerful than that what I witnessed – again my friend I thank you for allowing me to be a part of that.

NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. What a powerful message, what an incredible phrase to follow. No matter in which situation you find yourself never never give up….EVER!

Best Wishes,

Adam Corlett