Feel lost, stupid and even INTIMIDATED in a big gym? Then you can say goodbye to your worries as each and every one of our PT sessions are conducted from our fresh, air conditioned and private facility. Are you like the thousands of others who have tried everything and still STRUGGLE TO SEE RESULTS? We only ever use science based PROVEN exercises and techniques to GUARANTEE A CHANGE in your body shape and strength.

PT Session (30 Mins)

Short, sharp, intense! Our 30 minute PT sessions are a sure way to pump up that metabolism, get those lungs working and destroy body fat!

We always focus on quality over quantity and make sure everything we do in our training sessions are done to the highest standard paying particular attention to the technique and execution of each exercise.

Our 30 minute PT sessions will leave your body flooding with endorphins, benefitting from the “after-burn” and excited for your next one!

Investment – £25

PT Session (60 Mins)

Our most popular style of session amongst our clientele. Our 60 minute PT sessions are  PROVEN to increase strength, improve fitness, melt away body fat and ignite a positive mental attitude injecting self-belief and self-confidence into you!

Always tailored specifically towards your goals no matter if you desire; to shed 2 stone, gain muscle mass, run a half marathon, improve energy levels whilst reducing anxiety and fatigue. It’s all about YOU! And we are passionate about that!

Investment – £35/session (minimum term applies).

Group PT Session

From 2 to 4 people our group PT sessions keep that amiable competitive edge between friends. This in turn pushes you to try harder and consequently burn more calories, melt more fat and gain more strength.

Under the guidance of an experienced fitness professional the sessions are always well structured, different and fun. Designed with your goals and targets in mind our group PT sessions are are a fantastic way to invest time with friends whilst improving your body.

Investment – £50/session (regardless of how many people attend).

Procrastination, thinking NOT doing, wishing instead of working. If this sounds like you then CLICK HERE and get in touch! We are a FRIENDLY and open organisation who WELCOME every single enquiry. If you’d rather call or text that is great too! Even send us a message on Facebook or get in touch through Instagram. Which ever way suits you, we want to hear from you, we want to help you. LET’S DO THIS!